In-Office Teeth Whitening

Mansfield, TX

Whiter Teeth by a Professional Cosmetic Dentist

A brighter smile is on many dental patients’ wish lists, and the majority of cosmetic dentistry patients who visit our Mansfield dental office for professional teeth whitening have already tried at least one store-bought product or DIY teeth whitening trick. Skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hamm, is happy to offer patients personalized options for in-office teeth whitening at our Mansfield, TX dental office. If you’re ready to get started, call our team to schedule an appointment today.

Why Choose Sandi L Hamm DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

For In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Fast & Safe Teeth Whitening

Minimize Dental Sensitivity

Lasting & Effective Results

Causes of Dental Staining
& Discoloration

Teeth will discolor for a number of different reasons, and understanding the cause of your tooth staining will help us to make the best treatment recommendations so you achieve your desired results. Some of the common causes of dental discoloration include:

Consumption of dark-colored foods and beverages

Worn tooth enamel revealing the inner dentin layers of teeth

Tobacco usage

Overconsumption of fluoride during dental development causes brighter white spots on teeth

Taking tetracycline medications during dental development can lead to dark banding around the tooth

The KöR Deep Bleaching System

The KöR deep bleaching system is completed in two steps. First, patients will complete a take-home whitening treatment to remove surface staining and prepare teeth for their in-office deep bleaching. These take-home teeth whitening kits use customized doses of the patented KöR bleaching agent to be used in the morning or at night based on your unique needs and schedule.

Following the two to four week at-home bleaching, you’ll visit us for an in-office bleaching session. These in-office treatments take about two hours to complete, and they utilize a customized dosage of the active tri-barrel hydremide peroxide gel that makes KöR so effective for patients with even the most stained smiles.

Maintaining Your Results

Following your whitening treatment, we can also provide KöR touch-up treatments to be used at-home touch-up your results. To keep your teeth looking bright, you should limit your intake of dark-colored, staining foods and drinks and stop smoking or tobacco use. You should brush and floss your teeth daily to remove bacteria and plaque. You should also keep up with your bi-annual dental exams so we can provide professional cleanings to keep your teeth sparkling.

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