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Dentistry for Children

Choosing our dental team means you are choosing a practice that is your one-stop hub for dental appointments and specialized treatment. Families are able to come in and schedule appointments for everyone for quick, convenient dental visits in one location. Our team are all trained to put younger patients at ease during check-ups and treatment. Your kids will love the attention they get and the fun they experience at our office. If your child has ever exhibited signs of fear when it comes to dental work, don’t let their oral health suffer from it. Trust our team to make dental checkups stress-free and fun!

Here are just some of the dental services we offer for our younger patients.
For a complete list of dental procedures for children, call us today.

Dental checkups

(We generally suggest 2 checkups a year)

Dental cleanings

Digital X-rays

Dental sealants

Fluoride treatment

Oral hygiene maintenance

(Including education for adults on how to keep children’s teeth healthy)

Dentistry for Teens

Dentistry for Teens: It is incredibly important to not only care for the oral health of adolescents and teens but also to understand how pivotal of an age this can be when it comes to behaviors and habits that will affect your oral health for the rest of your life.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

While extraction is never our first choice for treatment, there are some situations where it’s necessary to preserve your oral health and comfort. The most common issue is wisdom teeth, which can often erupt at an angle, only partially erupt, or even become trapped in your jaw, leading to chronic pain and infection over time. Here in our Mansfield office we proudly offer Saturday wisdom tooth removal by partnering with the Wisdom Tooth Pros.

Teens are vulnerable to a number of factors that can negatively affect their oral health.
Some of these factors include:

Unhealthy diets

Let’s face it, teenagers aren’t known for their healthy diet choices. Many teens fall into the bad habit of drinking soda regularly or eating sweet foods. This can increase the chance of tooth decay and periodontal disease.


Stress from school or social settings can result in bruxism, or teeth grinding, either throughout the day or during sleep. This can cause pain in the jaw (TMJ disorder), cracks in the tooth, misalignment of teeth and other issues.

Vaping and Smoking

Unfortunately, some teens will pick up the unhealthy habit of vaping and smoking tobacco. This causes staining, gum disease, tooth decay and even tooth loss.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders can arise during teenage years and usually result from social pressure and negative body image. The disorders are extremely dangerous and can go unnoticed by parents and loved ones. Regular dental checkups can help your teen maintain healthy teeth despite an eating disorder but more importantly, oral examinations can help your child’s dentist identify the disorder so that your child can receive the help they need.

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